With extensive experience in the business of generating electricity from solar energy to develop alternative energy systems and energy conservation for industrial plants able to utilize the system to its fullest potential. Shorten the payback time. At present, we have the availability of experienced personnel and have modern tools to provide services for power generation system from solar energy to the customer’s industrial factory with international standards.


Thai Toko Engineering Co., Ltd. has expanded its business to provide design and installation services for mechanical systems. to the customer’s industrial plant By using personnel with knowledge and experience in mechanical systems for more than 20 years and equipped with inspection tools, modern testing measurements to provide mechanical system services with the customer’s industrial factory with international standard quality.


Nowadays, Communication systems comes to important role in our lives. Thai Toko Engineering Co., Ltd. has a long experience in installing and maintaining communication systems for customers. We have training, knowledge and innovation of modern communication systems to employees continuously to keep up with the rapidly changing technology, Makes customers confident in the potential of the company that can take care of their communication system so that it can be stability operation.


Thai Toko Engineering Co., Ltd. has been doing engineering business in Thailand for more than 30 years. We have been involved in many projects from large industrial plants, the office building. the residential building and department store building. We focus on providing design services and best electrical installation to create customer satisfaction and develop efficient services meets international standards