Thai Toko Engineering Co., Ltd. has been doing engineering business in Thailand for more than 30 years. We have been involved in many projects from large industrial plants, the office building. the residential building and department store building. We focus on providing design services and best electrical installation to create customer satisfaction and develop efficient services meets international standards
High Voltage Distribution Systems(115 kv.)
Medium voltage distribution systems(12-24 kv. Transmission line, medium voltage panel)
Low voltage distribution systems(Main distribution panel, Transformer, Generator)
Lighting system
Energy Management system
Power supply system for production machine and utility works
High Voltage Distribution Systems(115 kv.).
Medium voltage distribution systems
Medium voltage distribution systems(12-24kv.)
Transformer substation
Transformer Substation
main distribution
Main distribution system
Lighting system (indoor / outdoor)
Lighting system (indoor / outdoor)
Lighting protection and grounding system
Lighting protection and grounding system

Other Service